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On March 21, 1986, the charter creating KC Council 9247 was signed by 40 Catholic men of service.  Their vision was to live the four tenets of the KCs- Charity, Unity, Fraternity, and Patriotism through service to Church, School, and Community.

Richard L. Allen
Jerry C. Blanchard
Patrick J. Comeaux
Terry L. Cormier
Rev. Randy M Cuevas
Robert A Donnelly
Stephen Ducote
Rev. Eugene R. Engels
Calvin P. Esneault
Gilbert R. Fontenot
Carol Gauthier, Jr.
Gilberto Gonzales
John R. Greely

John J. Guilbeau
Robert J. Hand
Mitchell L. Hodges
Allen G. Jefcoat
Gerald J. Klender
Jerome M. Klier
John K. Lambousy
Patrick R. LeBoeuf
Richard A. Ledet
David C. Lawrence
James M. Maddox
John A. Melancon
Donald Morisette

George E. Mumphrey
Michael L. Peterson
Dennis L. Pudlewski
Walter J. Richardson
John J. Rinaudo
Dale W. Roberts
Dale W. Roberts II
Andrew J. Sceroler
Thomas M. Smith
Jerry Torrance
Frank Utsler
Charles W. Valentine
Francis Vicknair, Jr.
Gregory A. Wood

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